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Winners Circle Club - Frequent Buyer

The Frequent Buyer Program is geared towards the person who has club making as a hobby, or semi serious business - generally will be building or ordering a few built clubs a month.  This program helps them with better prices to make their small venture profitable. We call this person the "Frequent Buyer", and for a small yearly fee this person can ruffly get 2-10% off all products we carry and built clubs.  You can also send an email, or call for club making tips and general "how to do" questions.  Deeper discounts on current hot products and shipping specials will also be sent out via our email promotion system.  The yearly fee is $25.00 and you will be notified before the next years fee is drawn, as to if you wish to stay in the Winners Circle.  You can order your membership online or email us with any questions.


Winners Circle Club - Wholesale Buyer

The Wholesale Buyer program is geared towards the small business owner with their own golf shop or hobbyist who does a lot of volume.   A reseller's license or tax ID number is required to join this club - due to a few products that are offered, are not generally sold to the public as a whole, and also to insure the integrity of the program.  The discounts on products range from 5-25%, keep in mind that small items like golf ferrules and grips are already at a low margin and hard to deep discount.  Members get a special rate on assembled clubs  and repair work.  A drop ship program is also part of the program to help you reach more customers and not have to stock so much inventory.   In this case, we ship the product with no invoice and email you a tracking number.   A buy in is required and an end of year review will be done to see if the wholesaler program is right for the customer.  Please feel free to email us with any questions on this program. 

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