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MOI,  or moment of inertia,  is a term used to describe how a clubhead has a natural resistance to twisting, which can be increased by adding weight to the heel or toe of the clubhead.  It is also relevant that the entire club as a whole has a MOI that can be measured and utilized to put together sets in which every club requires the same amount of physical force from the golfer to swing.   Everyone has that "favorite club" in their bag, and MOI can be used to make the entire set feel like the best club.   Victory Custom Golf has the latest equipment & technology to accurately measure and build a MOI set.  Please feel free to email us for further information.  

What is MOI Matching?

The MOI of any object is a measurement of its resistance to being placed in motion.  Relating to golf clubs, if each club in a set requires a different amount of force to swing the club (set it in motion), it stands to reason that the golfer cannot be as consistent swinging each different club in the set, as if each club were built to require the same force to swing.  In most simple form, this is what sets MOI matching apart from matching clubs to the same swingweight. Swingweight matching does not make each club within a set the same, in terms of the amount of force required by the golfer to make the swing and hit the shot.  MOI matching does. However, because golfers can be quite different in their strength, tempo and swing mechanics, the right MOI must be identified and fit for each golfer to allow the concept to properly work.  

How is MOI determined for each golfer?

Virtually all golfers who play regularly have noticed they have a “favorite club”, or clubs, within their current or a previous set of clubs. A “favorite club” may be defined as a club with which the golfer is most consistent over all others in the set, and which the golfer has the utmost confidence in their ability to hit the ball solid and on-center more often than the other clubs in the set. Thus, a  very good reason for the fact that golfers do have “favorite clubs”, is that the MOI of those clubs happens to match the strength, tempo and swing mechanics of the golfer, noticeably better than the other clubs. Therefore, the concept of  MOI Matching is based initially on that one favorite club and the rest of the set is made or altered to meet the proper MOI.

MOI matching of clubs is a replacement for swingweight matching. Therefore, the clubheads, shafts, grips, and length of the clubs are to be fit in exactly the same way each clubmaker has learned to make these decisions. Then the MOI Matching System is used to guide the final assembly of the clubs to make the clubs all have the same final MOI.  An MOI set can be made from scratch or an existing set can be altered to match that favorite club.

The use of an MOI machine and specific software aids the clubmaker to decide where weight is to be added and/or length to be added.    

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