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Because golfers are so different in height, arm length, and body position, it is important that the lie angle of the irons be fitted for each golfer. Lie angles are described as too upright, too flat or correct. A lie angle that is too upright will cause the ball to be hit left of the target and a lie that is too flat, will cause the ball will be hit right of the target (right handed golfer example).  Loft of the irons can be moved to acquire more or less distance.  A proper 3-4 degree space between irons is suggested.  There is no stated industry standard to go by. but generally the 5 iron loft will range from 27-28*, with a lie range of 60.5-61.5*.  We can also bend your irons to any OEM standards needed as we have them on file.  (Ex. Nike, Ping, Titliest, Callaway. etc.)  A good rule of thumb is to have both of these specifications checked before each season and possible more depending on times played, as iron heads can move over time from the repeated hitting - forged clubs move easier and thus may need to be checked more often.

A dynamic loft & lie fitting is a must to any golfer who is serous about getting the most out of their game.    *Note - While all iron heads can be bent to some degree, we at Victory Custom Golf do not recommend more than 2-3*.    * Irons are subject to breakage during this process - although not common - it does happen and by sending in this work form, you agree to the risk involved and understand that Victory Custom Golf will not be held responsible.  You will be contacted by us to handle payment when clubs arrive.  Let Victory Custom Golf help you triumph over bad golf shots.

Click Here to request a loft/lie adjustment.

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