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In the "Shaft Zone",   we here at Victory Custom Golf can find the shafts spine - test it for proper flo - and mark it for installation.  We also offer a print out of your shafts profile.  Another function that we do here for you really hands-on club fanatics that do not have the  proper tools, is to prep each shaft for installation - per desired clubhead to be used.  We will tip cut and prep the shaft along with butt cutting to specified length so all you need to do is epoxy - let dry - install grip and hit the links.    As easy as we can make it - except you still have to swing the club!    So a shaft that has this total process done will come to you with a piece of tape close to the tip area with a line on it stating the spine location. Although there are many different views on where to align the shaft spine we at Victory Custom Golf like to have the spine mark facing the target with the face of the club or neutral location. The tip section will be cleared of all paint and clear coat finish and tipped according to desired clubs specifications. Also shaft frequency matching can be done insure you set or irons or woods are made to matching cpm readings. Weather we send you the shafts or you have us do this service in a new build it is a must.
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