Mitsubishi Diamana 'ilima 60
Mitsubishi Diamana 'ilima 60
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The new generation Red Diamana from Mitsubishi Rayon, the 'ilima, follows a similar pattern with the original M Series Redboard. While it is not another Redboard it is a mid kicking low spin driver shaft which provides a higher trajectory than the other Diamana shafts. It's meant for those who want control but need or want more carry. The explosive performance of the new Diamana 'ilima is thanks to Mitsubishi Rayon's second generation manufacturing process and the use of M.D.I. or Multi Dimensional Interlay Technology. The layering of cross axis carbon with rings of additional carbon create minimal ovaling and a shaft that returns to its original shape quickly for a controlled whip like performance. The new 'ilima is named after the orange Hawaiian flower which has 5 petals and a series of stamens in the center. This flower was worn by Hawaiian goddesses in ancient myths providing protection. It is still a popular flower today in Hawaii and you can see the the ilima on the new Diamana 'ilima's flowerband design. The shaft has a Unique Silver/orange Ion plated Skin – Usually a process only for the Japan Market.
Length (mm)116811681168
Weight (g)646158
Tip Diameter (in)0.3350.3350.335
Tip Length (mm)8.558.558.55