Alpha ProSpec Wedges
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The Versatile Dynamic Sole

The ProSpec wedge features a dynamic sole design for versatility with your greenside shots. An extra rounded bevel cut-back makes it easy to open the face for different degrees. Play it high, pitch it with more spin, or chip it soft. The end result is a tour-preferred array of shots to get you closer to the pin.

More Bounce, Better Swing Through

With a flattened camber and enlarged sole width, the bounce of the ProSpec is higher than standard wedges.

The bounce is the measurement in degrees of the angle from the front edge of a club's sole to the point that actually rests on the ground at address. More bounce will keep your shot from digging too deeply into turf or sand and allow for better and more smooth swing-through shots. The benefit of higher bounce is evident when playing courses with soft turf or fluffy sand. Also, if you swing steeply into impact your wedge shot will perform better with more bounce.

90 Reverse Mill

Before the grooves are engraved, wedges go through a CNC-milling process. Milling makes the face extremely flat and smooth, which is needed for highly accurate clubs like putters and wedges. All Alpha wedges goes one step further. After milling the wedge, 90 tiny circular grooves are carefully embedded in the face.

This extra "reverse-milling" step in the manufacturing process is a patent-pending technique to impart even more friction on the ball. With the naked eye, you can actually count the 90 circular grooves on the face.

The circular grooves, along with the horizontal grooves, make wedge shots highly accurate and landings exceptionally soft. No other wedge goes through such a rigorous manufacturing process for the purpose of increasing the spin rate.

Available in right hand: 52°, 56°, 60°.
Loft (degrees)525660
Lie (degrees)646464
Offset (mm)1mm1mm1mm
Bounce (degrees)9124
Weight (grams)302308310
Diameter.370" Parallel
FinishBlack Smoke
GroovesCNC Milled
Material8620 “Low Carbon” Steel