Alpha PF-2 Wedges
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The Alpha PF-2 wedges feature a modern and double-forged teardrop face. Clean profile lines and a soft Platinum-Satin finish complete the elegant look. Precision-milled U grooves and a unique swirl-milled pattern behind the score lines produce a remarkably high spin rate, guaranteeing minimal roll on the green. The PF-2’s low sole enables the advanced golfer to accurately work the golf ball.

  • Eye-catching Platinum-Satin finish for consistent setup and minimal glare
  • Double forged construction for soft feel and accurate feedback
  • Sharper, higher toe for greater spin control and longer impact time
  • Precision milled U-grooves for consistently high, penetrating ball flight
Available in right hand: 52°, 56°, 60°.
Loft (degrees)525660
Lie (degrees)646464
Offset (mm)1mm1mm1mm
Bounce (degrees)8104
Weight (grams)302308310
Diameter.370" Parallel
GroovesPrecision Milled