MOI Intruder Fairway Wood
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Your Price: $83.99

Are you having trouble hitting your fairway wood off the ground? Most golfers today hit their fairway woods fat, they fade the ball or hook the ball. The truth is with most OEM companies, they make their fairway wood 2° to 3° closed and your 3 wood that was advertised as 15° is really a 17° or 18°. This method of building fairway woods is out dated for todays golfers.

MOI GOLF has the answer! We have designed what will prove to be one of the best fairway woods you have ever hit. The INTRUDER fairway wood was designed to push today’s technology to the edge of the legal limits. A low cg position combined with a perfect weight distribution gives you the optimum launch angle and spin rate. Our sole design gives you the confidence at the address position and sits square to the target line so you can hit your best shots.

The INTRUDER FW has a classic design at address, with a beautiful high gloss black finish. All MOI GOLF products come with a LIFETIME warranty.

Available in right hand: 3 wood, 4 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood.
Loft (degrees)15171921
Lie (degrees)58.55959.560
Weight (grams)210215220225
Volume (cc)135138141145
Diameter.335" Parallel
Face Angle0 degrees