Alpha C830.2 Plasma Fairway Wood Head
Alpha C830.2 Plasma Fairway Wood Head
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Developed with the same award-winning C830.2 plasma driver technology, the C830.2 plasma fairway woods provide extensive forgiveness without sacrificing distance and control.

  • Maraging steel face insert with high strength-to-weight ratio allows for greater ball velocity
  • High moment of inertia for resistance to twisting on off center impacts
  • Specifically designated vertical center of gravity location provides for a large sweet zone and optimum spin condition for soft landing shots
  • Carefully crafted wide body construction allows for easier airborne launches, low backspin, and straighter and longer shots
Available in right hand: 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood.
Available in left hand: 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood.
Loft (degrees)151923
Lie (degrees)575859
Weight (grams)210220230
Volume (cc)150140130
Face Height (mm)333333
Club Length (in)434241
Diameter.335" Parallel
Face Angle0 degrees
Hosel/Bore Depth38mm
MaterialMaraging Steel